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Drivers are our most precious resource: They volunteer their time and their vehicles to deliver meals and groceries, and to drive Neighbors to healthcare appointments, and to shopping and community centers.  We match Neighbors' requests with Drivers' availability and geographic preferences.  Many of our drivers are available seasonally; some can drive once or more a week; some drive daily.  There are many short in-town trips, especially in Bar Harbor, as well as cross-Island, Ellsworth and Bangor trips.  We fully appreciate that the best-laid plans change, and that Drivers' personal and job lives come first.

Gasoline cards are offered for Ellsworth and Bangor trips.  Drivers do not have to be medically trained: If an emergency arises, Drivers are expected to adhere to the same common sense guidelines that would apply if they had an emergency driving a friend or family member, including calling 911 and/or getting the Neighbor to the nearest medical center.  We will advise you to the best of our ability as to whether a Neighbor is getting forgetful, uses a walking assist (cane or walker) or oxygen, or needs special help getting into or out of your vehicle.  We ask that you let us know what kind of vehicle you will be driving in case a Neighbor has difficulty getting into and out of higher or smaller vehicles.

Drivers are expected to have and maintain a clean driving record, to keep the vehicle insured, and to keep the vehicle in good condition.  We do not expect that Drivers will go out in bad winter weather, and count on you to call us if you are concerned about driving conditions  -  we will fully understand.  Drivers are not responsible for scheduling with Neighbors: All scheduling and rescheduling communications are done through the Island Connections office.

Our aim is to respect and work with your availability and the changes
that inevitably crop up due to illness or to family responsibilities.

Care Call Visitors

Care Call Visitors provide telephone reassurance calls to Neighbors on a mutually agreed upon schedule.  Frequencies vary from every day to once a week. The goal is for the senior to hear a friendly voice on a regular basis. A secondary goal is to serve as an "alarm raiser" if the situation warrants.

Friend to Friend Visitors

kVolunteers visit Neighbors in their homes and sometimes take them out to do errands.  Visits are generally arranged weekly or several times each month. The program is for the volunteer to be a regular presence (or friend) in the senior’s life.



Office/Home Staff

In-Our-Office or From-Your-Home Help: We have a number of phone, correspondence, filing and database tasks we could use help with.  We are particularly interested in keeping Neighbors informed by phone of upcoming programs.